My name is Celeste Eizaguirre and I'm the gal behind the camera. Eizaguirre is a little hard for people to spell/pronounce, so I shortened it to Eiza (pronounced "eh-zah"). In 2014 I decided to turn my passion of photography into a career and haven't looked back! I photograph love in all its shapes and froms, have been fortunate enough to have worked with some truly wonderful people, and look forward to more new+familiar faces in front of my lens. Here's a little about me:

  • I grew up in the land of green chile, rattlesnakes, and sunsets (New Mexico) and therefore have a great love of nature and the great outdoors
  • I love to travel and rarely say no to adventure
  • I've lived in 7 states and 4 countries (y hablo español et un peu de francais)
  • Home is currently Ann Arbor, Michigan although I still travel to Chicago for shoots (and am available for travel worldwide)
  • Once I get to know people, my goofy side comes out. If you're an inner goof but feeling awkward in front of the camera, let me know. We can break out the silly and believe me, that ALWAYS makes for more natural photos going forward

Why is Photography Important?

Here's my two cents... I truly believe one of the best ways to cherish important parts of your life story is through photographs. No two couples, individuals, or families are the same (nor should they be), and I want to capture what makes you YOU. You might have a thousand selfies (or food pics, or pet photos) in your camera, but what about pieces of art - images powerful enough to endure beyond the moment and end up as a canvas on your wall or in the pages of your wedding alubm. These are the photographs you will treasure and pass down to future generations, for they will help re-tell these meaningful parts of your life.

–Celeste Eizaguirre